RPGs and Enterprise

There are plenty of pages on the site about the benefits of RPGs in learning and teaching – plus links to a certain amount of related research. However, these benefits are mainly set out in the language of active learning, gamification and/ or design gaming. Within all that, design games, (i.e. games focused on involving players in co-designing the gameplay within a collaborative production framework), appear to easily incubate a subset of design, business and e-commerce skills – which can be defined, in more commercial language, as enterprise or business skills.

Design games, including many tabletop RPGs, some videogame RPGs, collaborative boardgames, deck builders, . . . are all open to supporting the development of enterprise/ business skills through game play, game development and an extraordinary range of low- or zero-cost, no-risk, commerce activities. These tangible, engaging and accessible business options range through e-publishing, app building, merchandising, writing, concept art, web design, blogging, 3D print design, film-making, animation, social media marketing and business administration . . .

Here’s an extract from a recent chat about this with . . . librarians:


imo free access to legal, family-friendly versions of the most popular tabletop RPG ‘family’ through libraries is long overdue and, after the best part of 40 years, it seemed safe to assume the known names weren’t in any rush.

. . . how we can adapt libraries into social, learning and, critically, enterprise gateways – ideally, to prevent finance officers sticking book QR codes in the windows of closed/ former libraries after sending all the librarians home.

Event-driven services are already developing, but there are alternatives to libraries for much of that; plus private and public competition. Libraries need a killer app – and, gamifying and incubating e-commerce, through design games, e.g. straightforward RPGs, serious gaming, ARGs, deck builders and collaborative boardgames, looks the best option around.

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