Sub- or Sub-Sub-Classing Skills?

Just uploaded a PDF with a straightforward RPG skills check system that’s being tried-out on Corruption and Renegade. It’s a straight slot-in, slot-out – linked to the existing information about Hiring Followers. It should work with most clones that don’t include skills systems and is intended only as an option.

The system sets out to offer a framework to help GMs decide which modifiers to apply to the use of a set of specialist skills. These are mainly professional skills used by experts and are, therefore, comparable to the class-based skills that make adventurers exceptional or heroic. Such skills are sufficiently relevant to gameplay to add an extra layer to character advancement.

Mundane tasks, beginner’s luck and easy tasks are not really covered – and it’s assumed that class skills are part of a pool of complementary skills and experience, which can’t be picked-up in isolation. This approach of, basically, sub- or sub-sub-classing certain skills aims to support character customisation and to make it easier to apply quick tests over frequently used skills. It stops where it does to leave room for improvised narratives and solutions that don’t always jump straight off the PC sheet.

Well that’s the plan, but it’s still being tested and any comments or ideas – here or elsewhere – would be very welcome.

The 6 page PDF is HERE.

Back soon!

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