Now You Want A 3D Printer

Following years of research at the University of Exeter we can at last see the true purpose of 3D printers: Choc Creator :) Who needs plastic figures when you can eat the monsters straight off the table after you’ve stolen all their treasure. Equally, how many e-commerce opportunities and promotional options does this kind of application open up for gamers – e.g. would there be a reason why Dwarven Forge wouldn’t offer their existing 3D models in chocolate format? Following from that, would there be a reason why WotC or FFG wouldn’t promote their boardgames with chocolate versions of some of their games, e.g. not just the figures, but the entire board and the game cards that go with it.

Melting Chocolate

The Chocolate Museum in Barcelona is way ahead on the sculpting chocolate front. Here’s a link to a page with one of their chocolate sculptures, (as it’s not possible to ask for image permissions at this time on a Friday).

They also happen to offer: Experimentaci√≥ sensorial amb xocolata. Yeah, classes in ‘Sensory experimentation with chocolate’ – sign me up now!

In fact how good are they at everything chocolate. They also sometimes run a class called: ‘The Sweet World of the Cocoa Spark’ – where 3 – 6 year-olds visit the museum with, “the cocoa Spark, an elf from Madagascar who takes them into the magical world of chocolate, explaining where it comes from, what it is like and what it used to be like. All this is done through stories and games.”

This Peruvian chef went so much further – and like the Chocolate Museum without a 3D printer in sight: the archaeology of Peru.

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