RPG Advocacy Group: Update

Putting the weekend into getting Hope further ahead, but thought it worth mentioning how things are going with the RPG Advocacy Group on Facebook. RPG Advocacy isn’t exactly the raciest topic in the RPG world and the term advocacy is, rather like the term gamification, not exactly designed to set the heather on fire.

The hope, rather than expectation, was that some of those who contribute to the generally short threads that appear in RPG forums on growing the hobby, encouraging kids to play RPGs . . . might be interested. However, that seemed likely to involve about 20 or 30 people in total – so a quiet group with infrequent posts looked about as active as it was going to get.

Less than a week on the group has over 60 sign-ups, including a raft of RPG players with skills and experience in areas such as RPG publishing, crowdsourcing, learning and teaching, organising events, RPG artwork and more. Topics under discussion include crowdsourcing for charity efforts, games for kids, finding new players, introducing players to RPGs and approaches to making RPGs available in developing nations. There is, of course, also the beginnings of a thread on using ‘Horrible Histories’ in games.

Anyone with a bit of interest in the practicalities of spreading the word on RPGs on any level is more than welcome to join :) Here are a couple of links from the first few days, which I wouldn’t have come across without taking part in the group:

Gaming as Women

Social Media Crowdfunding for Charities

. . . and the group: RPG Advocacy.

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