Old School Scenarios

Just about any fantasy scenario/ module/ adventure can be quickly adapted to fit the similarities between OD&D, Swords and Wizardry, Corruption and Renegade. The same can also be said of Adventurer Conqueror King and Labyrinth Lord – among others. This is largely because these systems require next to no stats for slotting into any given encounter.

Consequently, the following links include titles that are pretty much good to go with any of the clones that have opted for sticking close to the original game’s core mechanics.

Some of the linked adventures have an emphasis on Old School dungeon-raiding gameplay, i.e. there’s a fair amount of beating-up monsters, a range of tricks and traps – and stacks of treasure. This can be fun, but the scenarios are also open to use as the basis for a series of adaptations that build-on the basic framework of monsters and treasure.

Scenarios continue to be ‘in the works’ here – and there’s a lot to be said for just going ahead and making your own.  Nevertheless, here are links to several Old School adventures. (All of which lock straight on to OD&D, Corruption, Renegade and Swords and Wizardry).

  1. Dyson’s Delve is a well-presented, free dungeon-crawl that could easily be developed to include NPC details and basic plotting.
  2. The Classic D&D page at Dragonsfoot has a selection of free D&D scenarios available as PDFs.
  3. The OSR products list at Dragonsfoot doesn’t seem to include Renegade or Corruption, but it would probably help if someone took a moment to send an email or post. There are a lot of inexpensive scenarios linked from this page. OSRIC materials cross over into 1e territory, but that’s not at all hard to adapt to with Corruption, Renegade or Swords and Wizardry Complete.
  4. Not quite here yet, but megadungeon Rappan Athuk has been a huge success on Kickstarter. $40 for the PDF alone, but it’s massive.
  5. The selection of generic D&D setting adventures on WotC’s Original Adventures page includes titles by authors such as Monte Cook, Bruce Cordell and Gary Gygax. There are over 50 titles for free download, but they do need slightly more adapting, as many include stats blocks and ‘skill checks’ from later editions. These can simply be replaced with OD&D stats and by devising suitable rolls and outcomes as situations occur. Alternatively, it’s easy to adapt the straightforward, optional skills system inside both Corruption and Renegade.

Taken together, this handful of links offers a few hundred adventures that call for little or no preparation to play with Corruption, Renegade or Swords and Wizardry.

Links to more compatible scenarios will probably drift past on the Internet almost as soon as the post is up. In the customary manner, these will be collected until there are enough links for a permanent page on the topic in the RPG Cookbook section.

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