Halloween 2012

First up, just how big is Halloween these days? If this infographic from Daily Infographic is anything to go by – huge:


The confectionery industry seems to go into overdrive for Halloween and there are thousands of packs of jelly brains and chocolate eyeballs waiting for those who just want to rip open a packet. However, at the expense of taking all of five minutes to throw a few ingredients together, there’s a selection of much more exciting offerings listed on the BBC’s Halloween Good Food page.

Can’t think of a much better way to get kids and young adults involved in a Halloween game than to make the food to go with the game, but decent costumes and/ or in-game props can also be a big draw. The Zombie Shop’s just the place to get costumes and props if you’re in the UK and in the market for a severed arm, a blood-splattered shower curtain or a bag of brains.

OK – a lot of the Zombie shop’s kit is way too much for younger kids, but there are stacks of other options out there. The UK’s Joke.co.uk has more fancy Halloween costumes to choose from than you can shake a stick at. While those who’d like a touch of Halloween fashion – without going the full hog – could look at places like Claire’s Accessories for earrings, necklaces and such like.

Scary food, a few creepy props and a more, or less, over the top costume – sounds like a Halloween game is largely good to go. Apart from the actual game. A few options have come-up in earlier posts and players wouldn’t go far wrong picking something from this short selection of zombie titles posted not so long ago. Decent zombie games bought for Halloween tend to be good value, as they’re likely to get used at other times of year.

Along similar lines, Thistle Games now has its own Halloween-ready option, which comes with a suitably seasonal twist of evil built-in. As a ‘Complete’ clone Corruption is ideally suited to trying-out or re-introducing Old School gameplay. At the same time it can inject  a combination of creep, grit and grime into new or existing Old School gameplay.


For now Corruption looks to be, by some distance, the best value Complete OSR clone currently available* and entirely suitable for young adults – as the gameplay focuses on comic dark campaigns and building suspense much more than on spraying blood around.


Halloween 2011

Halloween 2010

P.S. The plan is for the on-going upgrade to Corruption, (which will be free to existing owners), to reinstate the original cover.

* – A bold claim. Yes, DCC has more pages – but it costs a whole lot more. Yes, Hackmaster Basic is free – but it only covers low level play. In addition, much of the content in Corruption and Renegade is largely system-free, as they’re Original Rules clones/ boosters that translate just about instantly to OD&D or S&W.

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