Bestselling OSR Clones

A quick run through the bestselling Old School Clones based on DriveThruRPG sales totals shown on 12th November 2012. Variants which clearly introduce their own game mechanics are marked with black titles. Systems that stick very close to the Original Game have linked titles. Prices show the full price followed by any current offer.

There are one or two other full or ‘Complete’ clones out there, but they don’t appear to sell on DriveThruRPG or I may have missed them. There are also clones of later versions of the Original Game by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax, such as Pathfinder, which definitely don’t fall into the Old School/ OSR bracket. The B/X Companion is included, because it plays in a thoroughly Old School manner.


Adventurer Conqueror King System by Autarch

Watermarked PDF


Average Rating – 4.3

(3 reviews)

Pages 274

Features: ‘a game where dungeon crawls slowly get replaced with something of a SimCity/Civilization ruleset.’

DriveThruRPG Feedback: ‘Basically, it’s more accessible than the original books, which is good.’


Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game by Goodman Games

Watermarked PDF


Average Rating – 4.8

(13 reviews)

Pages 480

Features: ‘No one session is alike, the play is very random and keeps the players and referee on his/her toes.’

DriveThruRPG Feedback – ‘Randomization, heavy use of tables, critical fumbles, and no multiclassing are strong departures from what many new gamers have become accustomed to.’


Corruption by Thistle Games




Average Rating – 5

(5 reviews)

Pages 345

Features: ‘Corruption specializes in how to make a campaign more gritty, nervy and unsettling [and has] step-by-step support for adventure- and campaign-building.’

DriveThru Feedback: ‘This is my go-to Old School game. It can run a dungeon crawl for kids one day and a creepy, bloodthirsty session for mates the next.’

Labyrinth Lord: Revised Edition by Goblinoid Games

Watermarked PDF



140 Pages

Average Rating – 4.7

(0 reviews)

Features: ‘Welcome back to a simpler old-school gaming experience’.

DriveThruRPG Feedback: None available

The Secret Fire Roleplaying Game by Secret Fire Games

Watermarked PDF



Average Rating – 3.5

(8 reviews)

Pages 310

Features: ‘Mechanics from every edition of D&D, Fate, White Wolf, and a few other games [and] Combat is deadly and a last resort, especially if the party hasn’t planned in advance.’

DriveThruRPG Feedback: ‘an interesting blend of an old school clone and modern player reward system’.


Swords and Wizardry Complete by Frog God Games

Watermarked PDF


Average Rating – 4.6

(4 reviews)

Pages 120

Features: ‘I switched my roleplaying group from D&D 4e to S&W, and the simplification and emphasis on actual role playing has been a hit.’

DriveThruRPG Feedback: ‘The Complete Rulebook includes a lot of good old-school rules, and more classes and more races than Core Rules, for example Paladin and Half-Elf.’

Additional Titles

B/ X Companion by Running Beagle Games

Watermarked PDF



Average Rating – 5

(1 review)

Pages 64

Features: The B/ X Companion is an add-on for filling-out the content in the 1981 Basic and Expert titles, which ‘provides rules for high level play.’

DriveThruRPG Feedback: ‘It makes me want to pull out my ratty Basic and Expert books and play Moldvay/ Cook era Basic D&D again.’

Castles and Crusades Players Handbook by Troll Lord Games

Watermarked PDF



Average Rating – 5

(1 review)

Pages 144

Features: ‘If you’ve never played Castles & Crusades, it’s one of the oldest “Old School Renaissance” style Dungeons & Dragons clones.’

DriveThruRPG Feedback: ‘It’s a mix of first, second and third edition rules with some unique twists all its own.’

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