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Corruption lightly remixes the rules of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG – published by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974 – to appeal to new players, teenagers and young adults.

The game makes use of System Reference Documents produced by Wizards of the Coast. As a result, Corruption draws on monsters, classes and options from many OGL sources and adapts them to fit a straightforward rules set.

Corruption is an OSR (Old School Renaissance/ Revival) aka Old School system, which translates almost instantly to Dungeons and Dragons, Labyrinth Lord, Swords and Wizardry and similar systems. At 400+ pages overall Corruption contains a great deal of new, imaginative content that can be plugged straight into any of these other Old School RPGs.

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The content focuses on challenge-based gameplay and step-by-step support for adventure- and campaign-building. It also sets out options for rapidly shaping gameplay to offer gritty and/ or grimy heroic adventures – with a comic book ‘dark’ flavour. This is supported by:

  • extra ‘dark’ or threatening races, monsters, classes and treasures
  • gritty campaign challenges
  • practical resources for adding a twist of evil to any campaign

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The following list of features outlines some of the options and content we’ve included in Corruption – without treading on the toes of the original rules!


  • Sticks to 1d20
  • Defaults to full rounds combining moving, missile attacks, spellcasting and h2h attacks
  • Optional Old School-friendly skills system
  • Optional rules encourage gritty and grimy gameplay using heroic characters
  • Challenge-focused gameplay
  • Classic and challenge-based experience (XP) options


  • Highly compatible with Old School/ OSR games
  • Content drawn from across the full range of System Reference Documents (SRDs)
  • Easy switching between Original Game compatibility and Corruption


  • A dusting of new tricks for older classes, such as Assassins, Bards and Monks
  • New classes, monsters, spells and items, including a selection of monster classes


  • Support for rapid adventure- and campaign-building
  • Guidelines on priming and sharing expectations during play
  • Guidelines on adding a twist of evil to any game


  • A combination of print and tablet-friendly PDF layout
  • Word/ OpenOffice class templates and quick start PC sheets included

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