Hope outlines an online RPG adventure for use with a wide variety of RPGs. The current structure and content has been superseded by approaches tested in Dragons’ Rage and in preparing Spinechillers and Silent Killers. The first draft framework remains as an example of a locational sandbox.

For anyone who’d like to take a look at the outline just click on the Paladin.

At present, the Shadowcaster, Thornwood and Sapphire areas are the only areas offering much detail. I don’t rule out returning to Hope, but the limited browser support for key options, (including content folding), is not much further along yet, i.e. Chrome and Opera are fine, but Firefox, Explorer and Safari don’t currently support the necessary html 5.

In addition, providing a reliable, editable online campaign  in WordPress is tricky, because security is likely to present problems for anyone who doesn’t have some experience of looking after a WordPress install. Coding as a straight website means it takes a matter of a moments to recover a site with a very short list of simple instructions.

Starting Play

To get started you’ll need an adventurer aka player character (PC). Early versions of the original Tabletop RPG by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax and similar clones/ retro-clones, (including Renegade, Corruption, Swords and Wizardry, OSRIC and Labyrinth Lord), can be used to to prepare your PC.

The woodcuts are by René Georges Hermann-Paul (1864 – 1940).



PC Sheet (.doc)

Companion Sheet (.doc)

Eaglesridge Gazetteer


War Banners

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